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6th Class


6th Class Graduation 2020


To the Class of 2020,
For the ‘Class of 2020’, we salute you. You have missed out on saying your final farewells to the staff and pupils of Castlebridge NS,. To mark this very special milestone in your young lives we will see you back in your old stomping ground on July 24th and while it may be slightly different we look forward to a ‘face to face’ graduation. We look forward to seeing you on the 24th to reminisce on your time in Castlebridge NS. From there we will look ahead to our Confirmation on August 21st and then you fly the nest……..bid us ‘farewell’ and head to new pastures!!!! We are so proud of you!
In the past 8 years you have shared with us your talents and abilities and represented your school, your families and yourselves with good humour at all times. The strong relationships that you have built with each other and your teachers will serve you well in the years ahead. We are extremely proud of you and how you have adapted and coped over the last few weeks.
The postman will be busy this week delivering letters to you on Tuesday, on what would have been your last day, in Castlebridge National School.
Stand Tall and Shine Bright Class of 2020.

This is not goodbye, but simply see you later……

Mr. Lyons & Mrs. Hearne

A Message From Michael D. Higgins

Transition from Primary to Secondary School
Hello 6th class,
Hope you are all keeping well! During the final few weeks we will focus more on themed activities as well as your transition into secondary school. The video and workbook ‘Mind the Gap’ might help you with any questions you may have with your transition.

This is a very exciting time for all you as you prepare to move to secondary school. There are a lot of things to look forward to; new subjects, new friends, new teachers and of course that half day!
It can also be a time when you might have some worries and lots of ‘what ifs’ might pop into your head. Some common what ifs are;
• what if I get lost on my way to class?
• what if I don’t make friends?
• what if I get into trouble?
• what if I forget my books?
• what if I lose my locker key?
• what if I can’t do the work?
• what if the homework is too hard?

Our brain loves to focus on the negative. This is called the negativity bias and it is just the way our brains are wired! Think about it, you never worry that you might make lots of lovely new friends or that you might settle into secondary school really quickly!! Remember we all adapt to change in different ways. For some it could take a few days, others a few weeks or even months to settle in. Remember no one expects you to know everything in your first term. All first years are in the same situation as you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. They are plenty of students and teachers that are more than happy to help.

Check out this Mind the Gap video. It might answer some of your questions about secondary school. The link for the video is:   

The Mind the Gap workbook can be used with the video. The link for the workbook is:
Mind the Gap PDF

Keep Safe,
Mrs. Hearne


Ms. Hearne's 6th Class


6th Class School Transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School Online Workshop
About this Event
Transitioning to secondary school can be a time that is mentally challenging for a pupil's wellbeing. The School Transitioning, Wellbeing and Me Workshop will look at the elements of wellbeing and each student will be empowered in developing their own resilience skills to help them on their journey into secondary school. The workshop also covers the practical elements of secondary school in great detail. The workshop is delivered over 2 days, Part 1 for 1 hour on Day 1 and Part 2 for 1 hour on Day 2.

Attention 6th Class Students and your Parents/Guardians

The Wexford Education Centre is running an online webinar dealing with the transition from Primary school to Secondary school on Wednesday the 27th of May at 11am. Click here to register

https://www.ecwexford.ie/cpd-courses/primary-courses/1402-extra-webinar-transition-to-second-level-an-adventure-and-a-challenge.htmlTitle. Transition to Second Level - An Adventure and a Challenge.

The transition from Primary to Secondary school is an exciting time in a young person’s life. It also comes at a key developmental stage, a fact not lost on parents as they come to terms with the arrival of the teenage years. Over the last 20 years I have played a key role in developing the transition programme for my own school, delivered our induction programme to incoming first years and supported parents through parent evenings.

An information pack supporting this webinar will be available to all participants.

Key areas addressed are

Junior Cycle what’s new.
Supporting teens to manage change.
Identifying common areas of concern and how to prepare for them.
Trouble shooting and where to go for support.
Embracing change and being open to new opportunities.
Grainne Mulcahy B.A. Th., H. Dip. Ed., M.A. Chaplaincy and Pastoral Studies. Doctoral Student School of Education TCD.

A full time teaching for over 30 years, experiences Chaplain and Restorative Practices Tutor. I work in Gorey Community School and the Adult Education Night School. A passionate lifelong learner I am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education with the School of Education, TCD. Qualified as a holistic therapist I bring a considerable skill set into my teaching and professional development practice.  My key areas of interest are teaching and learning, assessment, restorative practices, mindfulness and lifelong learning. I believe it is never too late to learn, embracing change can be a challenge but should never deter us from  the adventure.

When  registering on the website go to the book here link and you will come to the course registration page


First Name
Last Name
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Please be advised that if you have registered to attend this webinar your contact details may be shared with the Webinar Host
An email will be sent to all registrants at least an hour before the starting time of the Webinar .

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Christmas Play


Mindfulness Colouring

"Johnny Connors with Anthony O’Gorman Crossabeg Ballymurn after final yesterday. Shels U11’s won by a point after ET. Lovely gesture by Johnny whose younger brother Andy was playing in the final for Shels" @Shelmaliers

A Message to the Shels by Clara

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