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'Discover the internet together. Be the one to introduce your child to the internet.
This could make it easier to share both positive and negative experiences in the future'.

What is the Digital Schools of Distinction Award?
The award recognises excellence in school’s approach to integration of ICT in learning and teaching, and aims to build on the excellent progress made by schools in relation to ICT.
Digital Schools of Distinction is a flagship programme which aims to promote, recognise and encourage excellence in the use of technology in primary schools. This is a nationally recognised award and is accredited by the Department of Education. There are over 3,000 primary schools in Ireland and currently approximately 220 schools have achieved Digital School of Distinction status. Microsoft Ireland and HP are sponsors of this award. Castlebridge N.S. is aiming to achieve this award. PDST Technology in Education, IPPN and the I.N.T.O are among the partners supporting the Digital Schools programme. Castlebridge N.S. has interactive whiteboards in 7 out of the 8 classrooms and are in progress of obtaining a set of i-pads to be used across all curricular areas. We live in a technological era which is fully embraced as it broadens the learning opportunities and experiences for the pupils.

To achieve the Digital Schools Award, Castlebridge N.S has to fulfil identified criteria within the five areas:
• Leadership & Vision
• ICT in the curriculum
• School ICT culture
• Professional Development
• Resources and Infrastructure

Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying Resources for Parents and Teachers
1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/topics/stay-safe Has a range of child friendly resources  
including online quizzes and videos which cover the topics of internet safety and cyber –bullying.
2. http://www.scoilnet.ie/online_safety_primary.shtm with links to games and lessons
on internet safety
3. Article for teachers from Intouch about teaching internet safety    http://www.ncte.ie/documents/InTouchDecember07.pdf
4. Online 40 minute course for teachers about internet safety  http://www.ncte.ie/courses/PrimaryPostPrimaryterm-time/NCTEInternetsafetyinschoolclassroomonline/Name,22192,en.html
5. Links to resources from Webwise for parents:
http://www.webwise.ie/Parents.aspxLinks to online resources from Webwise for
teachers: http://www.webwise.ie/Teachers.aspx                                                         
6. Anti-bullying resources for senior classes -  http://www.watchyourspace.ie/resources/
7. Online privacy issues are dealt with on - http://www.thinkb4uclick.ie/. This was developed for Junior Cert students.
8. Keep your child safe from online bullying - http://www.ikeepsafe.org/cyberbullying-resources/
9. http://www.cyberbullying.info/resources/resources.php includes tips on phone and internet safety and an explanation of Facebook’s privacy settings.
10. Resources from Barnardo’s on cyber bullying-   http://www.barnardos.ie/resources-advice/parents/cyberbullying.html
11. Cyber bullying explained http://www.walkinmyshoes.ie/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/cyberbullying_guide.pdf
Top Tips for Parents:
1. Install and activate an anti-virus/anti-spyware product and install or enable a firewall.
2. Remind your children to stop and think before sharing any personal information online.
3. Computers should also be kept in an open area where all online activity can be seen.
4. Encourage your children to tell you if something or someone online
makes them feel uncomfortable or threatened.
5. Turn on automatic updates so all your software receives the latest fixes.
6. Set strong passwords, especially on accounts relating to sensitive or personal data

Stay safe on-line!

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