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Green Schools

Coastal Care Award

We are working towards our 6th Green Schools Flag and the theme is Global Citizenship, Litter & Waste

Coastal Care Award

Click here to view  Nature's Web Newsletter – Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 Issue of the Nature's Web Newsletter, an exciting newsletter for children, has been posted on the web.
In this issue you'll find...
Travelling the Waterways
Editor's Page: Seeing Giant Trees; Seafood Recipe
Aquatic Life: Harbour Porpoise
Special Feature: Ireland's Waterways
Colour In: A Day on the Water
Special Feature: Locks and Bridges on Ireland's Inland Waterways
All in a Day's Work: Cormac McCarthy, Environment & Heritage Officer, Ireland's Waterways
Plant Life: Redwood Trees
Animal Life: No Snakes in Ireland
Black John – the Bogus Pirate: The Ocean is Largely Unexplored
The World Around Us: "Foreign Correspondent" Michael Ludwig
Learn More: Books/DVD for children; Useful Web Addresses
Fun Page: How Much Did You Learn?, Nature Jokes
Activity: Cereal Box Storage
Wordsearch: Nature's Web Spring 2017 Wordsearch
Nature's Noticeboard

Collecting our latest Flag

Pouring the base for our bike shed.

Scoot on Wednesday

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