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Principal:                                 Mr. E. Lyons
Deputy Principal:                    Ms. A. Hearne

Secretary:                              Ms. A. Murphy

6th Class:                            Mr. M. O' Connor
5th Class:                            Mrs. B. Skelton
4th Class:                            Ms. Butler
4th Class:                            Mrs. A. Fortune
3rd Class:                            Ms. Nolan
2nd Class                             Ms. A. Hearne
1st Class                              Ms. Walsh
Senior Infants                    Ms. Bolger/ Mrs. Rowan
Junior Infants:                   Ms B. Quigley

Learning Support/Resource:    Ms. A. Hayden
                                                Ms. M. Higgins/ Mrs. C. Lane
                                               Mrs. Rossiter/ Mrs. Clifford
                                                Ms. E. Jones


S.N.A.:S                                    Mrs. Michelle Mangan
                                                 Ms. Veronica. English
                                                 Ms. Sharon Devereux
                                                 Ms. Rebecca Corrigan

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